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Through technology-led growth strategies and a scalable travel marketplace powered by next-generation platforms and products that connect global travel suppliers with a market-leading network of leisure agencies, gig economy travel workers, corporations and closed user groups.



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Mondee Names Kymber Lowe as Chief Marketing Officer

We are excited to announce the appointment of Kymber Lowe as the company's Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). This exciting addition to Mondee’s leadership team comes after achieving 73% year-over-year organic net revenue growth in the third quarter of 2022 and is core to Mondee’s strategy of scaling the business globally as well as continuing to modernize and disrupt the travel market.

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Mondee drives innovation and transformation through award winning technology platforms that help customers improve operational efficiencies, increase their revenue, reduce their cost of doing business, and access exclusive, global content and services.

Mondee marketplace

Products & solutions

The award winning travel products powering Mondee's global platforms help customers improve their profits, drive topline revenue and gain a competitive advantage.


The Mondee Marketplace allows suppliers and global content providers to reach 50,000 customers through its B2B distribution platforms and millions of consumers through it’s B2C membership and subscription service platforms.

Global Content Hub

The Mondee Content Hub aggregates hundreds of global sources of content including airfare, hotel, car, cruises, events, attractions, ancillary services and distributes it through its leading technology platforms.

Conversational Commerce

Available across all of Mondee’s platforms, the Mondee Conversational Commerce engine allows support teams to communicate to customers, anytime and anywhere including email, chat, text, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and more.

Fin-Tech Solutions

Mondee’s revolutionary fin-tech solution combines a payment processing platform with a powerful fraud protection solution to guarantee every transaction processed through the TripPay platform against credit card fraud.

vMarket Platform

Mondee’s virtual marketing solution helps agencies grow their businesses with integrated social media tools, a point and click website builder, and easy to use email marketing for customer acquisition and retention.

Business Analytics

Mondee brands generate over 50,000,000 data queries a day, customers are able to easily access their key business metrics from this data via customizable dashboards and reports.

Membership & Subscriptions

Mondee leverages its global content hub to provide competitively priced airfare, hotel, car, and ancillaries to closed user groups via membership and subscriptions, giving SMBs and high value leisure customers access to exclusive content.


Mondee's sustainability products and tools give customers the insights they need to make better company decisions about their corporate travel carbon footprint.

Industry verticals

Mondee's platforms, products, and brands operate in three industry verticals.


Mondee's leisure group operates a marketplace and technology platform for 50,000 agents, agencies, and gig economy workers.

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Leading enterprise companies and SMBs save money, keep their employees safe, and build sustainable travel programs using Mondee's corporate travel platforms.

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The membership and subscription travel vertical focuses on high value travelers willing to pay a yearly subscription fee to access exclusive travel and services.

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Leaders in their industries, our brands have over 150 years of combined travel industry expertise worldwide.

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