Your Guide to the Mondee Marketplace

The Mondee Marketplace, powered by Abhi, our AI travel assistant, helps you grow your knowledge, compare prices, and pass along great deals to your travelers—all while shaping your commission to suit your needs.

With the Mondee Marketplace, it’s easy to quickly build custom itineraries, oversee your clients’ bookings, and manage trips. Multiply your knowledge and deliver beyond expectations with the help of Abhi and our network of local experts. No matter where your audience wants to go, give them access to all the hidden gems and immersive experiences that will make their trip unlike any other. With multiple language and currency options, Mondee meets their needs for a perfect booking experience.

Meet Abhi,
Our Game-Changing
AI Travel Assistant

Whether you’re a travel professional, an influencer, or a traveler, you’ll find everything you need thanks to Abhi, our AI travel assistant. With next-level personalization and robust AI, Abhi is your all-in-one travel planning and booking solution.

Personalized Recommendations

World-Class Travel Inventory

Customized, Bookable Travel Itineraries

Access A Vast Travel Inventory

The Mondee Marketplace gives you access to an expansive global travel inventory with competitive rates.
 Our wide-ranging travel partners offer a near-infinite array of travel options for any type of journey, including:

500+ Airline Partners

1M+ Hotel & Vacation Accommodations

30K+ Rental Car Pickup Locations

50+ Cruise Lines

Marketplace Highlights

The Mondee Marketplace’s innovative AI integration creates a powerful and intuitive tool to streamline and simplify how you plan, book, share, and even make changes to trips. We support multiple languages and currencies for global coverage of our customers and their travelers. Read below to learn more.

Global Travel Inventory

Explore an expansive, curated inventory suited to every desire and budget, with negotiated rates lower than what’s offered on other sites.

Abhi, our AI Technology

Enjoy a smarter, more personalized booking experience with Abhi, available 24/7.

Advanced Business Analytics

Gather insights about your earnings with a dedicated analytics dashboard where you’ll have visibility into commission, sales, and much more.

In-Platform Collaboration

Take your collaboration to the next level with advanced conversational commerce tools. Discuss travel details with friends, family, or coworkers more easily than ever.

Secure Payment Solutions

All Mondee Marketplace transactions use the latest payment security tech with multi-currency payments via credit card or digital wallet, and fraud prevention tools embedded in the platform.

Easily Manage Customers and Employees

Customize your profile to your needs and manage access for customers and employees, all on your own, without additional steps or approvals and all inside the Mondee Marketplace.

Download Our Travel App to Serve your Customers on the Go

To manage your clients’ or organization’s leisure travel, download our world-class Mondee Marketplace travel app to start crafting custom travel experiences, with discounted rates and 24/7 traveler support from our innovative AI travel assistant, Abhi. With the Mondee Marketplace app, you can run your business from anywhere.

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