Mondee Marketplace:
Innovative, AI-Powered Travel Platform

We are a high-growth travel technology company driving change in the leisure travel sectors through a broad array of innovative solutions.

Our fully integrated AI travel platform streamlines and simplifies how you plan, book, and share your trips. Our modern, agile products and extensive industry relationships enable and accelerate our customers’ success.


A Travel Technology Company Pioneering the Future of Travel

Mondee’s cutting-edge travel tools cater to the needs of today’s travelers and meet the current and future needs of travel professionals and organizational benefits. With our proprietary AI solution, Abhi, and through conversational commerce, cutting-edge analytics dashboards, fintech innovations, and mobile apps, our tech works harder so you don’t have to.

Technology That Delivers for Our Customers

Our experiential marketplace and SaaS platform leverage the latest advancements in digital transformation, data science & machine learning, conversational and generative AI, automation, and data analytics to provide our customers with the best travel management solution, and their travelers with unique and personalized travel experiences.

AI Cloud Platform

Our AI Cloud Platform integrates advanced technology, optimizing conversion rates, providing personalized recommendations, facilitating secure payments, and connecting global travel experts through our travel personal assistant, Abhi.

Digital Transformation

Our digital transformation solutions utilize emerging technologies to enhance all aspects of our customers’ travel experience. We are obsessed with delivering new products and services with innovative tech that improves travel planning and booking.

Data Science & Machine Learning

Our data scientists are experts in using machine learning algorithms to create personalized travel experiences for our customers. Predictive analytics allow us to anticipate their needs and deliver customized solutions.

Fast, Frictionless Onboarding

Convenient self-enrollment in the Mondee Marketplace means customers can be operational from the minute they sign up, without additional steps or approvals. By eliminating administrative bottlenecks with a ready-to-go service, our customers can save time and start earning immediately. 

Data Analytics

Our data analytics solutions provide valuable insights into customer behavior, allowing us to tailor our solutions to meet their specific needs. We continuously analyze data to improve our customers’ travel experience.

Automation & Agile DevOps

Our use of automation in travel operations has greatly improved our efficiency and productivity, while our Agile DevOps approach enables us to develop and deploy solutions quickly. By streamlining existing products and processes, we reduce time-to-market to deliver more innovative solutions to our customers.

Download Our Travel App to Serve Your Customers on the Go

To manage your clients’ or organization’s leisure travel, download our world-class Mondee Marketplace travel app to start crafting custom travel experiences, with discounted rates and 24/7 traveler support from our innovative AI travel assistant, Abhi. With the Mondee Marketplace app, you can run your business from anywhere.

Curious about our technology?

Mondee’s technology delivers beyond what you knew was possible, making your travel experience seamless, intuitive, and secure.
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