Personalized Leisure Travel
Planning to
Delight Everyone

Help your business stand out by giving your members, customers, and employees the best discounts on the best destinations. We’ll partner with you to make your brand feel first-class to those who matter most.

Leisure travel benefits help companies attract and retain employees and boost member and customer loyalty, engagement, and satisfaction rates. Mondee is an industry-leading travel solution that meets the needs of all stakeholders. Our fully-integrated AI platform saves users time while crafting personalized experiences informed by our global network of local travel experts.

Employees, Members, and Customers Enjoy:

  • Vast Travel Booking Inventory in 20+ Languages
  • Secure Payment Options in Multiple Currencies
  • Close Collaboration on Trips

Organizations Enjoy:

  • Fast and Easy Platform Onboarding and Management
  • Comprehensive Dashboards With Full Data Visibility
  • Potential to Fundraise or Earn Revenue

Mondee Marketplace for Organizations

Ready to add value for your members, customers or employees with an attractive leisure travel perk? Find out how Mondee Marketplace can make trip planning easier for everyone while boosting satisfaction. Sign up today!


How Organizations Are Using Mondee

Organizations looking to engage, attract, incentivize, and retain employees, customers, or members recognize leisure travel as a universally attractive and popular benefit.

Everybody loves to travel but it’s not always easy to book; we provide a customizable solution that’s easy to set up, use, and manage, even under your own brand. For the  convenience of all your global members, customers, and employees, we cover 20+ languages and currencies. With more than a decade at the forefront of the travel industry, Mondee is a trusted partner that provides a robust inventory, 24/7 customer support, and business insights.

The Best Inventory, at the Best Prices

Stakeholders enjoy access to a comprehensive network of over 500 airlines, 1M+ hotel and vacation rentals, 30K+ rental car pickup locations, and 50+ cruise lines – along with negotiated rates that are lower than what’s offered on other popular travel sites.

Seamless Travel Support From Abhi, Our AI Travel Assistant

Whether you’re in the early stages of trip-brainstorming or ready to make a booking, our AI travel assistant Abhi can generate personalized, bookable itineraries in seconds. With Abhi’s help, travelers have the ability to change or cancel a trip, when option is available.

Secure and Supported, Every Step of the Way

Travelers enjoy secure multi-currency payments via credit card or digital wallet, including Apple Pay and Google Pay. If they have questions at any stage, Mondee provides 24/7 customer support.

Meet Abhi,
Our Game-Changing AI Travel Assistant

Our AI travel assistant Abhi can find the best flights in seconds, answer complex questions, suggest itineraries, and connect travelers with local experts to craft personalized travel experiences. Read on to see why Abhi is the all-in-one leisure travel planning and booking solution for your employees, members, or customers!

Personalized Recommendations

World-Class Travel Inventory

Customized, Bookable Travel Itineraries

World-Class Travel Brands and Inventory
to Meet Your Travel Needs

Our wide-ranging travel partners offer a near-infinite array of travel options for any type of journey. Here are just a few of them:

What People Are Saying About Mondee

Download Our Travel App to Serve Your Customers on the Go

To manage your members’ or organization’s leisure travel, download our world-class Mondee Marketplace travel app to start crafting custom travel experiences, with discounted rates and 24/7 traveler support from our innovative AI travel assistant, Abhi. With the Mondee Marketplace app, you can run your business from anywhere.

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