Here’s What Sets Abhi Apart:

Robust AI

Our platform combines leading technologies such as generative AI, deep learning, computer vision, and a recommendation engine – along with conversational commerce – to transform the travel booking process.

Next Level Personalization

Abhi streamlines the booking process, answering questions, suggesting itineraries, and connecting travelers to craft personalized travel experiences. Our AI-powered Recommendation Engine provides intelligent recommendations for flights, accommodations, activities, and more by analyzing vast amounts of data, including user preferences, historical patterns, and real-time insights.

Try Abhi,
Our Game-Changing AI Travel Assistant

Whether you’re a travel professional, an influencer, or a traveler, you’ll find everything you need thanks to Abhi, our AI travel assistant. With next-level personalization and robust AI, Abhi is your all-in-one travel planning and booking solution.

Personalized Recommendations

World-Class Travel Inventory

Customized, Bookable Travel Itineraries

All-in-One Planning & Booking

Intelligent Advice

Abhi can engage with users in meaningful conversations, understand complex queries, and offer comprehensive responses tailored to their needs. From suggesting flights personalized with users’ preferred airlines, to hotels to book, to detailed sightseeing itineraries, Abhi is sure to become your best travel buddy.

Instantly Bookable

Drawing on Mondee’s huge inventory of discounted travel products, Abhi can instantly create a sophisticated travel experience guide based on a traveler’s interests, making it easier than ever to refine the trip and complete the booking. Within the itinerary itself, just click “Book Now” to view flight, hotel and activity options, then add them directly to your cart.

Always at Your Service

The intuitive approach of our powerful AI, combined with our comprehensive inventory, saves time and helps your trip fit your needs. Abhi is available 24/7 to check baggage requirements, confirm hotel check-in times, provide post-booking support with travel insurance, and more. With Abhi you can plan and book travel that is curated, personalized, and a great value.

Want to See
Abhi in Action?

Whether you’re an expert looking to use AI to boost your business, an organization searching for an easy-to-use travel platform, or a traveler ready for your next adventure, Abhi has you covered (and is sure to save you lots of time). Abhi will make your travel planning faster and easier, your trips better, and the world a whole lot smaller. Welcome to the AI-powered future of travel.


With real-time insights and 24/7 customer support for travelers and travel experts alike, the Mondee Marketplace is an all-in-one platform where you can book with confidence.

Download Our Travel App to Serve your Customers on the Go

To manage your clients or organization’s leisure travel, download our world-class Mondee Marketplace travel app to start crafting custom travel experiences, discounted rates, and 24/7 traveler support from our innovative AI travel assistant, Abhi. With the Mondee Marketplace app, you can run your business from anywhere.

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