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Abhi, our generative and conversational AI technology, is designed to enhance your travel planning.







Access a Vast Travel Inventory, at Deep Discount

The Mondee Marketplace gives you access to an AI-powered platform with a vast travel inventory and discounts up to 60% off popular travel sites.


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Discover the Advantages of the Mondee Marketplace

Watch our quick guide to understand how you can leverage its benefits.

Marketplace Features

The Mondee Marketplace is a robust travel management solution, featuring secure fin-tech, conversational commerce, CRM, and analytics solutions.

Meet Abhi, Our AI Solution

Our advanced AI Travel Planning Assistant thoughtfully curates and personalizes travel recommendations that you can book instantly.

Secure Payment Options

With Mondee Marketplace, all transactions are made using the latest payment security tech for reduced fraud risk, with multi-currency and digital wallet options.

In-Platform Collaboration

Take your collaboration to the next level with advanced conversational commerce tools. Discuss travel details with friends, family, or coworkers more easily than ever.

Advanced Business Analytics

Gather insights about your earnings with a dedicated analytics dashboard where you’ll have visibility into commission, sales, and much more.

Easily Manage Customers and Employees

Customize your profile to your needs, manage access for customers and employees, and save customer databases — all inside the Mondee Marketplace.

Leverage Discounted Rates, and Boost Sales

Take advantage of the highly discounted rates on travel sites within our network and manage bookings made by your customers and employees.

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