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Holiday Message From The CEO’s Desk

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Introducing Mondee

Mondee is modernizing & disrupting travel through technology-led growth strategies and a scalable travel marketplace powered by next generation platforms and products that connect global travel suppliers with a market-leading network of leisure agencies, gig economy travel workers, corporations and closed user groups.

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5 Ways Smart Companies Are Making Travel Programs More Sustainable

The business world is taking to the skies again with a renewed sense of optimism, coupled with an awareness that combating climate change is everyone’s job. Globally, the transportation industry is responsible for roughly 28 percent of all greenhouse gases, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, which is why so many corporate travel programs are setting sustainability goals.

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Mondee Holdings Acquires Business Travel Technology Startup Rocketrip....

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Mondee Inc., Acquires Cosmopolitan Travel Service (CTS)

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