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Give Your Organization a Safe and Cost-Effective Travel Solution

Smart Travel Planning With Abhi

Abhi, our generative and conversational AI technology, is designed to enhance the travel planning experience for your employees or members.

Improve Satisfaction and Retention Rates

Through partnerships with airlines, hotels, rental cars, and cruise lines, plus the personalized support of Abhi, the Mondee Marketplace is a great travel perk for your employees or members, ensuring growth and retention.

Vast Travel Booking Inventory

Gain access to a large selection of travel booking inventory, including 500+ airlines, 1M+ hotel and vacation accommodations, 30K+ car pickup locations, and 50+ cruise lines. Cars coming soon to mobile!

Easily Manage Trips at Your Organization

You have control over the travelers who can access the Mondee Marketplace, and can easily manage travel expenses with comprehensive dashboards.

Secure Payment Options

Ensure that all your bookings are secure and easy to process thanks to the latest fin-tech solutions for reduced fraud risk, along with multi-currency and digital wallet options.

Close Collaboration on Trips

Members can discuss flight and accommodation details with family and friends, send a link to others to join, and collaboratively make decisions about their trips.

Access a Vast Travel Inventory, at Deep Discount

The Mondee Marketplace gives you access to a world of travel options, with discounts up to 60% off other travel site prices.


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See How the Mondee Marketplace Can Enhance Your Organization

Learn how easy it is to coordinate travel with your employees or members, with access to deep discounts, 24/7 support, and secure checkout options.

Our World-Class Partners

Our wide-ranging travel partners present a nearly infinite array of travel options to meet any type of journey.